Thursday, February 03, 2011


Finally found good guidelines for recycling. Can now officially recycle styrofoam, magazines, and things with adhesive labels curbside. Good job LA. There was a time not too long ago that this was not allowed, even though I did it anyway. The only thing not recyclable are the tetrapacks from soy milk, hmm...

 What You Can Recycle at the Curb
The Bureau of Sanitation issues blue containers for recycling. The following are items that can be placed in the recycling container:
  • Paper
    -  All Clean Dry Paper   computer, ledger, wrapping, arts and craft paper, unwanted mail, flyers, telephone books, note cards, newspaper, blueprints, magazines, file folders, paper bags, Post-it notes, catalogs; and all envelopes including those with windows
    -  All Cardboard Boxes and Chipboard
    cereal, tissue, dry food, frozen food, shoe, and detergent boxes; paper and toilet rolls; and corrugated boxes broken down and flattened
  • Metals
    -  All Aluminum, Tin, Metal, and Bi-Metal Cans   rinsed if possible, soda, juice, soup, vegetables, and pet food cans; pie tins; clean aluminum foils; empty paint and aerosol cans with plastic caps removed, and wire hangers
  • Glass
    -  All Glass Bottles and Jars   rinsed if possible, soda, wine, beer, spaghetti sauce, pickle jars, broken bottles, and etc.
  • Plastics
    -  All Clean Plastics 1 Through 7 -  Empty Plastic Containers   rinsed if possible, soda, juice, detergent, bleach, shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, dishwashing liquid bottles, milk jugs, tubs for margarine and yogurt, plastic planters, food and blister packaging, rigid clamshell packaging, etc.
    -  All Plastic Bags and All Film Bags
    grocery bags and dry cleaner bags, and all clean film plastic
    -  All Clean Polystyrene (Styrofoam®)
    Styrofoam® cups, containers, and packaging such as Styrofoam® egg shell cartons, Styrofoam® block packaging, and Styrofoam® clamshell packaging
    -  Miscellaneous Plastics
    Plastic coat hangers, non-electric plastic toys, plastic swimming pools, & plastic laundry baskets