Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gocco is BACK!!

Two pieces of incredible news -- First, after scouring the globe for 5 Gocco printers, I am finally ready to set up Gocco workshops! Second, and this would've been first had I not heard it after, they are bringing the Gocco back! Still unconfirmed, but according to and another source I have, Riso has partnered up with an American retailer to bring back Gocco supplies. Please god! In any case, I was interested in how there was still so much interest in Gocco despite their annoucement to depricate the product last year that I said to myself, why not? And then this news!! Fate maybe, but really because I truly enjoy teaching and because it's the Gocco, it's totally gratifying. My first workshop took place this past Saturday and I have scheduled 3 more beginner and 2 advanced workshops in the coming months. I decided 4 students max to keep it cozy*.

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