Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the kiss

I adore this image - humor and beauty at the same time. Happy pre-valentines day (we always celebrate the day before to avoid the craziness.) It's by New York artist Laylah Ali , who explores the social dynamics of violence and cultural difference. In her words, "I aim to fuse recognisable types with question marks, fuse known narratives with things that are not easily articulated... So, we might start with what looks like a kiss, but what kind of kiss is this? Who are these people?" . Yeah! who the heck are these people?! (lol!) The Kiss and Other Warriors, inIVA, 6-8 Standard Place, Rivington Street, London EC2 www.iniva.org until 24 Feb. Via Selvedge.


Jon said...

um... em. you're comments aren't working. oh wait. they are now.

emilyn said...

i'm a loser... :(