Saturday, January 31, 2009


Saw Adele, my current fav music, at the Wiltern last night. Girl's got a voice - soulful and effortless at the age of 20. In her heavy Brit accent, she's claims "e-a-James" (Etta James) as her idol. Her band, which included a four piece string section, was seriously Grammy quality, yet she played all her own acoustic guitar. I heard her as a guest on Morning Becomes Eclectic here.

This was the first time I felt so open about taking pictures at a performance, simply because everyone was doing it. Some were even phone video recording whole songs. Good for viral marketing perhaps? My how times have changed. The last time I felt old at a concert was at the Hollywood Bowl when everyone used cell phone light instead of lighters, ouch.

Some shots of the Wiltern - my favorite Art Deco theater in LA by far. Loved the hombre stripes of the balcony. Second shot shows the theater's ceiling - which from my angle looks a bit like the statue of liberty hiding in the back.

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