Monday, June 21, 2010

Ikat book

Ikat has been resurfacing around me these last few months so I'm taking it as a sign to investigate.

Got this great new used book called The Dyer's Art: Ikat, Batik, Plangi. It's describes these ancient dyeing processes and has big colorful photos of historical textiles. It's even signed by author and famed weaver Jack Lenor Larsen. 

First of all, the process of dyeing is coloring fiber and then using something else like mordant to fix it" or keep it from washing away or make it "colorfast". Products like Rit dye are all-in-one products which makes it easy to do in your washing machine.

The look of ikat is the soft feathery edges of a woven graphic on a textile as a result of the imperfect handmade quality of dyeing and weaving by hand.

In the process if weaving ikat, yarns of a warp are wrapped in certain spots to resist dye, so when yarns are dyed, then unwrapped, and put under tension on loom it creates a warp with a dyed design.

Will try dyeing first!!

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