Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Losing Our Cool

Losing Our Cool is a book about the consequences air conditioning has had on the environment and people's health...

That was one of the chief reasons I wrote the book was the ill ease I felt in going through neighborhoods that I knew had once been very lively places in the summer and then turned into dead zones. You would not see any human life out there, and the only sound would be the compressors and fans on the air conditioners. And I really do believe that what has been called by one author "nature deficit disorder" is a problem that has been facilitated by air conditioning. You can make a dark home entertainment center with cool, still, dry air a lot more appealing than a meadow, say, in summer. - author Stan Cox

Radio segment heard here.

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david john said...


thank you for this. makes me feel better about sweating in my home this summer:)