Sunday, April 22, 2007

Puerta America Hotel

In continuing with the documentation of my Spain trip, I want to share my wild experience in a Zaha Hadid room at the Puerta America Hotel in Madrid. It was wild in the sense that it was so surreal - all white, no straight edges or plains, a little blinding at times, kinda like living in an underground ice cavern with no sense of time, begining, or end. The entire room is molded out of a soft and supple white semi matte plastic material with industrial quality strength. Hidden lights can be set to daytime, evening or nighttime mode making it feel like you are in Superman's cave when set for night. The texture of a light cool grey carpet is the only thing that attempts to ground you and the 'do not disturb' sign as well as your room number is a magical glow from a seemingly invisible door. Each floor of the hotel has it's own equally wild theme created by the most reknown of the international designers. It's a 25 minute metro ride from the center of town, but totally worth a stay if you want to experience a Disneyland for adults. Above: Floor 4 Eva Castro Iraola and Holger Kehne's faceted steel walkway, Floor 3 David Chipperfield 's poppy luxe lounge, Floor 6 Marc Newson's cohesive clash of red laquer and white marble, and Floor 12 Jean Nouvel's neon Asia. Wild.


Emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Looks like an amazing hotel!

I haven't actually been there (yet), but Hotel Fox in Copenhagen is similar, with a different look for each room, and some really beautiful white on white rooms. Check it out here:

emilyn said...

Thanks for that link. Definitely the place I will stay in Denmark!

Chris Battle said...

I love living in the future!