Sunday, April 29, 2007

tatami decor progress

When you've stored as many things as we have anticipating to decorate a living room one day, it's nice to finally see that day! This is the progress we've made in the tatami space. My parent's old capiz chandelier is hanging in the corner, an old yukata from my mother-in-law by the window. On top of the fireplace, a vintage gold obi to replace a mantle, our Carlee Fernandez antelope fanny pack piece, Shanghai street photo by Doug Kim, and a vase and silver Tangle toy from Jon. Table cloth is 2 yards of fabric I bought a lo-o-o-ng time ago because it spoke to me. The only things we bought recently were the kotazu (a japanese table with a heater inside), the cushioned tatami chairs, Mexican rock pebbles not visible on the hearth, and the two fabulous J.A. wool pillow covers to bring back the feeling of the Parker. Oh ya, and Mr. Buddah in the corner who keeps us company when we eat dinner on the tatami.

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