Monday, February 18, 2008

Domino Magazine, March '08

Got my newest issue of Domimo last week with 150 ways to go green. I love every issue, but this one was especially timely because of my latest farmer's market obsession and an article by Cynthia Kling who writes about eating locally for two weeks. Some tips for the market: walk the the whole market before spending because yes, it is pricey and you want to buy the right things, get there early for the best selection, just because it's local does not mean it's always good, and even beef and poultry are seasonal. Other interesting notes, "locavore" according to the Oxford American Dictionary means eating only local grown ingredients and was 2007's word of the year (btw, italian olive oil and columbian coffee are not local, but there is a "Marco Polo Exemption" that states "if an item has been traded for centuries, you can buy it at a locally owned vendor to support your community") and finally, eating locally (and probably more veggies) for her made her poop better - agreed!  

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