Saturday, December 13, 2008

holiday sales sales sales!

Gosh, lots of sales this year - and lots telling us to skip malls and support the little guys! YES! These are ones I'm going to try to hit this weekend. Must not forget to bring reusable bag!!

Unique Los Angeles - things you won't find at malls - Kumquat will be there!

Eco Gift Festival - lots of good eco gift buying!

Julie Vogul's Sale - a yearly gathering of local craftistas! 2012 Fremont, South Pasadena, CA 11-5 today only is also having a spectacular sale - bought a bunch of guy gifts. link to sale page here.

past ones i gotta remember for next year...
Uncle Jer's Friends and Family Holiday Sale
Center for the Art ER Fundraiser
Felt Club
the crafty fair at Good Magazines headquarters
Viridis Luxe sample sale
one in Silverlake that I missed, I think it's going to be weekly flea market, yay!

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e.brooke said...

So, Hello...
I accidentally stumbled into and onto your blog and it is fabulous!

I love the little samples of life and the artistic way you show and tell about your discoveries!

You are a very talented!