Saturday, December 13, 2008

more Yuka Candy

I have been a helper in Yuka's kitchen with her organic candies this holiday. Not only have I been tasting everythig, I've been learning a thing or two about baking and being in the kitchen - lucky me, I think! These are the fruits of our labor - semi sweet chocolate truffles, buttery cashew brittle, dark chocolate truffles, toffee, pecan squares (my favorite!!!) and shortbread cookies. I have been cutting the pecan sqaures into quarters and savoring each bite with a cup of tea. Working together is so telling about how particular/perfectionists we each are about every detail including re-forming the shortbreads when they melt out in the middle of cooking! Each piece is seriously handcrafted - sometimes not time friendly, but definitely resulting in perfect product. One client of mine expects these candies every year!

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