Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes, it's true. Despite our 3-4 days of glorious rain, we here in So. Cal. are still in a drought. I was at All Shades of Green getting some replacement filters and had a nice convo with Natalie yesterday. She informed me that the city may finally start enforcing water rations this year. Water rations, wow. I guess Long Beach is the only city in our region making big strides (water demand is down 9% in the last year, another wow) in water conservation by being strict about fining every single home who waters their lawn between 9am-4pm. Fines get higher with multiple violations. Yesterday, Obama talked about retrofitting homes or weatherizing 2 million American homes in order to save home owners money, create jobs, and save our environment. Our energy and water bills have definitely gone down with the adjustments we've made to conserve (will get some numbers...). Right, I wouldn't be surprised if manditory rations really happened.

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