Saturday, February 28, 2009


We were in Vancouver for a few days before heading to Seattle for the week. We hit snow on our way up. The Candians said it was sunny all last week and kept apologizing for the snow. As long as I'm prepared, it's always exciting for me.

The best touristy thing we did was visit the Vancouver Aquarium to see the beluga whale exhibit. I'm pretty sure this was Aurora, the grandma. There was also Qila, the mom and new baby girl Tiqa. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them - so amazing to see them through the glass and so different from seeing the other animals. They look straight at you when they pass the glass, which kept making me wave. We just missed whale-watching season by a few days (March), but next time that will be on my list!

The most beautiful hotel lobby was at the Loden. So many textures using just neutral colors - marble on the fireplace, some sort of printed glass on both sides, tan snakeskin tufted table, velvet, more marble and piqued (sp?) wood on the floors. Seems to have Kelly Wearstler written all over it.

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