Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yellow and tan yarns

One of the most exciting parts of weaving is choosing your yarns. Ahh, yellow, tan and silver... I'll be making a scarf with a basic shadow weave where one color will mimic/shadow the other. It's so easy to fall in love with color combos. Can never get enough of one pop color balanced out by neutrals.

Update: Tadah, the finished piece.. a simple shadow weave, softball cotton yarns, 15" wide x 72" long, woven on a 4 harness counter balance loom. I like to alternate the pattern with plain weave to see what effects I get with the threading. Took about 20-ish hours total. Works both as a shawl in the summer/scarf in the winter. Did not use the silver, but used another light tan.

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Julie said...

Gorgeous scarf and beautiful shade of yellow.