Monday, July 02, 2007

Buying Into the Green Movement

This morning I read a really interesting article in the NY Times style section: "Buying into the Green Movement" that put a lot of perspective into what is happening in the "green" movement happening here in the U.S. Are we truly being green if we are buying organic fruit from Whole Foods that was flown in from Chile on a 747? Are we truly being green if we are building a 5,000 square foot eco friendly home for only 2 people (from a radio segment of Studio 360 on KCRW)? Or by buying a designer organic cotton bag at a $960? That is the big question right now.

Businesses are banking on the green trend because people are feel like consuming "light" green products lets them off the hook. The reality is that despite the fact that we are buying green, it is not making a dent because we are still ... consuming. Part of being green is consuming less which does not usually jive with a consumer driven business.

Raised by a family of suburban consumers, I feel whatever mindfulness we can spread, even if it is through corporate evil empires, is important and a step in the right direction because I can tell you, they're surely not taking my (I'm the black sheep daughter) word for it. It's tough to change people's habits, especially people who feel entitled to their comforts and conveniences because they've worked so hard all their lives.

I've emailed this article to several people today.


terri said...

Thanks for the tip on this article - I shall read it. I read a few posts and I like your blog. I will be back!

emilyn said...

thanks terri!