Tuesday, July 31, 2007

penny tile

the new penny tile progress in our bathroom -- sooo pretty. it will be on the floor and in the shampoo nook. I wish I could've been able to afford the recycled glass tile which was equally beautiful, but at $32/sq ft, it was still way beyond our budget even for our petite little bathroom. This was very frustrating because when you have the opportunity to rebuild, especially now a days, you want to be as green as possible. So, as with many decisions we've made with the bathroom, we've opted for longer lasting more efficient products and donating the items to be removed to Habitat for Humanity.


Anonymous said...

emilyn, im loving your new bathroom!


emilyn said...

hi dave!

meedgie said...

admiring the clean lines of your tub, who makes it?

emilyn said...

thanks! It's a deeper tub from a company called Zuma, C Series .