Thursday, November 29, 2007

Apartment Therapy

Like many, I am an Apartment Therapy addict! They just have an honest, down to earth way of sharing information. Jon writes for them too, which makes it even better. Last night while reading my Dec issue of Blueprint, I noticed that they got a big mention on the Editor's page. Wow, I thought. This is definitely a sign of AMAZING things to come!!

Recent posts I've been loving...

The post about Eco-decorating via NYTimes is brilliant. All those fabulous event planners just hit the nail on the head on a completely new level. Sounds like they're sill trying to work out a few issues like waste, on a good note, it's just a sign that the eco lifestyle is becoming just that, stylish! I'm determined to make it an eco holiday this year :)

I am also thankful for the recycling magazines post. Finally, someone is addressing this issue! I had so many magazines that they made up half my belongings when I moved. There will be less guilt in this world.

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